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Pole Decorating Starts

October 1, 2019

• Decorating shall begin October 1st, 2019 and must be removed by November 1st, 2019 (contingent upon weather).
• All businesses are encouraged to market their products creatively!
• Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and promote the Pumpkin theme.
• Theme and decorations must be safe and fun; no graphic or violent depictions allowed
• Poles may NOT be modified in any way
• Attachment mechanism must not degrade the mechanical strength of the pole or leave permanent damage
• All signs on poles must remain visible at all times
• Decorations cannot exceed 8’ in height
• Do not place any valuable or cherished items on pole or in decorations
• Participants understand that items placed on pole are outside and may be subject to vandalism, weather, and other factors beyond the control of the City and/or Celebrate Aurora Committee.

Halloween/Fall Decorating LIGHT POLE CONTEST
• Everyone who is decorating MUST pre-register and complete a liability waiver.
• Decorators must accept liability for any injury and/or damage caused by, or attributable to, the decorations placed and/or the placement of decorations.
• Pole locations will be assigned by Committee on First Come/First Serve basis. The applications will be submitted to City Hall or by e-mail with a date/time stamp.
• Decorating shall be located only on 3rd Avenue West and Main Street. No other poles shall be decorated.
• Any pole with decorations who have not pre-registered shall be subject to removal by City/Committee with no warning.
• The City and/or the Committee reserve the right to remove any decorations that become or are deemed a hazard, nuisance or in poor taste.
• Climbing of any utility pole is strictly forbidden
• Any/all wires attached to any utility pole should be considered to be energized by a source of electricity of sufficient strength as could cause serious bodily injuries up to and including death.
• No decorations shall be attached to any wire on the pole.
• No ladders or step-stools greater than 4 feet tall are to be used to place decorations.
• Decorations must not block the sidewalk or roadway.
• City of Aurora shall not be liable for any injury and/or damage caused by, or attributable to, the decorations placed and/or the placement of decorations.
• All decorations must be removed by the installer by November 1st, 2019
• Judges decisions are final.

Hosted by Celebrate Aurora


October 1, 2019