Pumpkin Fest

THANK YOU to all who donated time, money, goods, or services to help make this year’s Pumpkin Fest a successful event!

Our greatest appreciation to the following for their services and contributions to our celebration:

City of Aurora, Aurora Public Works, Aurora Fire Department, East Range Police Department, Mesabi East Schools, Aurora American Legion, Aurora Public Library, Aurora Chamber of Commerce, Mesabi East Troop 1810, Mesabi East Troop 1801, North Hope Church, The Miss Hoyt Lakes Queen & Princess Committee, and Mayor Doug Gregor. We’d like to thank WEVE, Strawberry Fields, Robin Licari, and all the vendors who helped make this a great event. A special thank you to all the baked goods donors for the cakewalk and to Charlie and Michelle Epps for judging the Pumpkin Carving contest. The biggest thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the day run so smoothly. 

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who came out to run, play, watch, vote, eat, decorate, shop, color, and celebrate with us; without you, this event is not even possible!

*Our sincere apologies if we have accidentally missed anyone or misspelled names! 

Celebrate Aurora looks forward to hosting next year’s Patriotic Days and Pumpkin Fest!  Your continued support helps us provide these events for our communities. Please consider making a donation to honor our past and embrace our future.  THANK YOU!

Donations can be mailed to:

Celebrate Aurora!

PO Box 294

Aurora, MN 55705

Follow us on Facebook or come back to our website for events and updates! For questions or comments, please email celebrateaurora@gmail.com.

Additionally, Celebrate Aurora would like to announce the winners of scme of the local events hosted during the event. See below:

Light Pole Decorating Contest:

Business division: Aurora Public Library

Giant Pumpkin Winners:

1st Place: 730lbs grown by Paul Schere

2nd Place: 583lbs grown by 

3rd Place:  lbs grown by 

Pumpkin Carving Winners:

Age Pre-K:

1st – Maggie D.

Ages 8-10:

1st – Jaylen J.

2nd – Blake P.

3rd – Nic J.

Ages 11+:

1st – Beth and Kurt P.

2nd – Johanna K.

Coloring Contest: (picture winners and prizes may be picked up at City Hall)

Age Pre -K:

1st – Lucy M.

2nd – Aria E.

3rd – Harlan A.

Ages 8-10:

1st – Zara E.

2nd – Sophia M.

3rd – Olivia S.

Ages 5-7:

1st – Gracie R.

2nd – Finnley P.

3rd – Jasmine L.

Ages 11+:

1st – Rylee M.

2nd – Brenna M.

3rd – Faith M.