Sponsors & Donations

Dear Celebrate Aurora Supporter:

Celebrate Aurora, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, provides family and youth in Aurora, and the East Range communities with social and cultural events that maintain the heritage and traditions of our region. Our organization continues to be entirely funded by donations and various fundraising events coordinated by our dedicated volunteers throughout the year. It’s very important to continue to provide the events that we can all enjoy – close to home!

Two main events for 2020 that are planned are Aurora Patriotic Days, to be held July 2-4th and Pumpkin Fest, October 10th. For 2020, we are adding National Night Out to be held August 4th. We will also have other various fundraising ideas/events as needed to help raise additional funds.

Here is Celebrate Aurora’s 2020 budget to host the two main events:

Entertainment 7,000   Coloring Contest 500
Festival Expenses 5,000   Festival Expenses 1,000
Fireworks 10,000   Linus Loop 500
Marketing 2,000   Marketing 2,000
Parade 6,000   Light Pole Contest 500
Total Expenses $30,000     $4,500

Updates of our 2020 goals are: increased fireworks/entertainment budget since this year’s event take place on the weekend. Expenses we were able to reduce for the 2020 year is reflected in the Festival Expenses, as the committee has purchased bouncy houses! Events that we have hosted in year’s past are Rummage Sale and Pumpkin Fest 5k, which we will no longer by hosting. Additional expenses that the committee accrues over the year are insurance, supplies, postage, and etc.

If you are interested in becoming a Celebrate Aurora supporter, please download this 2020 Celebrate-Aurora Sponsorship Form (Please fill out and print the form and then mail it to us along with your payment.) Additionally, you will find our 2019 Honor Roll; we wouldn’t have been able to make 2019 so successful without these supporters! Donors will be recognized for the 2020 year via post in the paper, our website www.celebrateaurora.com , the Celebrate Aurora Facebook Page and at the event. Thank you to Tech Bytes for updating our website! If you prefer not to donate through the mail, we have a NEW feature on our website, PayPal, click the Donate button on the right!

Thank you for your time and assistance as we continue to CELEBRATE AURORA!

With Sincere Gratitude,
Celebrate Aurora Committee