2019 Pumpkin Fest Honor Roll

$500+ Giant Pumpkin Sponsorship                  $250 Little Pumpkin Sponsorship                 $100 Squash Sponsorship

Please send your checks made payable to Celebrate Aurora and mail all donations to: Celebrate Aurora Committee, Inc. P.O. Box 294 Aurora, MN 5570.

All contributions will be recognized in our “Pumpkin Fest Honor Roll of Donors,” published after this year’s event on our website at www.celebrateaurora.com, and on “Celebrate Aurora” page on Facebook. Thank you in advance for your generous and continued support. We depend on our supporters to help us make this another GRAND event.


With a heartfelt THANK YOU we would like to recognize the following individuals and businesses for their support of Celebrate Aurora

Giant Pumpkin Sponsorship $500+

Little Pumpkin Sponsorship $250-499

Squash Sponsorship $100-249

Friends of Pumpkin Fest